Ballroom Dance Venue dot COM

Ballroom Dance Venue .com

It has been a long time coming, but our new Ballroom Dance Venue .COM  website is finally here!  The name Ballroom Dance Venue is not the name of a business, it is just the name of this website.  A website dedicated to the art of ballroom dancing!  Back on March 24th, 2007 Faryl with the help of John Augustine & Philip Spinka held the first ballroom dance at the Ballroom On High under the umbrella of Swing Kat Entertainment.  After years of Swing Kat branded ballroom dance events it became clear that the name Swing Kat was confusing matters.  So, around the time that the Ballroom On High LLC was formed, so was ballroom dance venue .com.  At that time Ballroom On High LLC became the business that all of our ballroom dance events and classes were organized under.  However with the closing of the Ballroom On High on Dec 31st, 2013 the Ballroom On High LLC also closed for business.  So all of our dance events and dance classes got reorganized back under Swing Kat Entertainment.

So, ballroom dance venue .com is an alias of Swing Kat Ent if you will.  However it is the name you should turn to and refer your friends to for everything ballroom dancing.

I hope you like this new website and all the new friends it will start bringing into our dance community over the next year!

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