California Mix Dance Party

California Mix Dance Party – Every 1st Friday

Giovanni Arditi & The Village People

Giovanni Arditi & The Village People

The California Mix Dance Party returns to the Ballroom On High!  If you enjoy West Coast Swing,Night Club Two Step, Hustle, Salsa, Bachata or any other ballroom styles of dance, you will enjoy the California Mix Dance Party.  This dance will be heavy in the styles listed above.  The California Mix Dance Party is scheduled to take place once a month on 1st Fridays.  We hope to see you out for this fun evening!


Giovanni Arditi

Giovanni Arditi02No stranger to the Ballroom On High, Giovanni Arditi (better known to us as DJ Ken Arditi) once DJed regularly for our Ballroom Dances at the Ballroom On High.  He and DJ Phillip Spinka would switch off as DJs for our ballroom dances.  But perhaps you didn’t know that Giovanni was once the main DJ for the Princeton NJ dances where he also instructed Hustle, Salsa and Night Club 2 Step.  He also taught at Donna Boyle’s dance parties and for Steve and Betty at the Peppermint Dance Club.  Also of note, Giovanni Arditi was a judge for Dancing With The Stars in Myrtle Beach 2017 and danced on stage opposite the Village People in King of Prussia with Donna Boyle.  In his spare time Giovanni DJs weddings and private partys.

Both as an instructor and a DJ Giovanni has the experience and ability to bring the party!  If you come to his California Mix Dance Party, you will find this to be true.  So, see you there!