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Lansdale Ballroom Dance Studio @ the YMCA

Lansdale Ballroom Dance Studio

Ballroom Dance Venue .com has plans to open a Lansdale ballroom dance studio at the Lansdale Area Family YMCA.  The YMCA has been the home of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing Dance Center’s Lansdale ballroom dance studio for a good number of years.  BLSDC’s organizer Vivian Beiswenger (also the editor of the Dance Spotlight Newletter) has decided it is time to get more serious about her dance cruises.  Vivian has long been a supporter of our program here at Ballroom Dance Venue .com  & even came to teach for us 7 years ago.  So she asked Faryl if he would give running a Lansdale ballroom dance studio a go.  Her concern was for her ballroom dance students at the YMCA.  She didn’t want to leave them without quality dance instruction when she went and that is very commendable.  Vivian’s offer of her programing to us here at Ballroom Dance Venue .com is something special and something Faryl will never forget.

After careful consideration Faryl believed that since there would be many ballroom dance students just looking for an outlet for their dance addiction he would be able to make a Lansdale ballroom dance studio a reality for Ballroom Dance Venue .com  So, with that he asked Lynn Kettenburg if she would be interested in teaching such classes.  Lynn was happy to oblige and plans were made to start classes in September 2014 as Vivian would hold her last classes in July of the same year.

As always best laid plans often hit road blocks.  After speaking with Vivian again Faryl learned that her students pleaded with her to run continued classes for them on Wednesday evenings for the time being.  Ever so gracious to her students, Vivian has once again done the right thing for her students.  We honor Vivian for doing the right thing for her dance students! However for us here at Ballroom Dance Venue .com this means we will need more time to put together promotions as we were counting on many of her students coming our way.  So to create our own group of new ballroom dance students at the Lansdale facility will be a bit more work.  So, for now our plan is to regroup and try to start our Lansdale ballroom dance studio at the new year.

It is important to mention that Vivian is still graciously offering us a home where she herself teaches.  Her program use to cover every night of the week at the Y.  So, there will still be a need for more ballroom dance instruction at the facility, however it is just going to take us a bit more time to make that happen.

Stay tuned for more!

Ballroom Dance Studio in Pottstown PA

Ballroom Dance Studio in Pottstown PA

Back in March of 2007 who would have imagined that the ballroom dance events Faryl started would have led to a long standing ballroom dance studio in Pottstown PA?  Not only ballroom dance events where you could go enjoy a night of dancing.  However a place to learn to dance as well, a ballroom dance studio in Pottstown PA.  Who could have imagined after all these years that those dance events & dance lessons would still be happening today?

Well, a ballroom dance studio in Pottstown PA is a reality and a reality that might spread to Lansdale and perhaps Allentown PA.  We have been in talks with the Lansdale Area Family YMCA for the past number of months and were about to start ballroom dance lessons there this next month.  However those plans have hit a bump in the road and now we will have to wait until the new year.  However, be looking forward to bigger and better things to come!

It has been our great honor to put a ballroom dance studio in Pottstown PA.  The near future seems to be pointing our Pottstown studio southward into Spring City PA.  Whatever the future holds, know that we are committed to ballroom dancing and this new website speaks to that truth!

Ballroom Dance Venue dot COM

Ballroom Dance Venue .com

It has been a long time coming, but our new Ballroom Dance Venue .COM  website is finally here!  The name Ballroom Dance Venue is not the name of a business, it is just the name of this website.  A website dedicated to the art of ballroom dancing!  Back on March 24th, 2007 Faryl with the help of John Augustine & Philip Spinka held the first ballroom dance at the Ballroom On High under the umbrella of Swing Kat Entertainment.  After years of Swing Kat branded ballroom dance events it became clear that the name Swing Kat was confusing matters.  So, around the time that the Ballroom On High LLC was formed, so was ballroom dance venue .com.  At that time Ballroom On High LLC became the business that all of our ballroom dance events and classes were organized under.  However with the closing of the Ballroom On High on Dec 31st, 2013 the Ballroom On High LLC also closed for business.  So all of our dance events and dance classes got reorganized back under Swing Kat Entertainment.

So, ballroom dance venue .com is an alias of Swing Kat Ent if you will.  However it is the name you should turn to and refer your friends to for everything ballroom dancing.

I hope you like this new website and all the new friends it will start bringing into our dance community over the next year!