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Ballroom Dance Studio


Isn’t it time you learned to dance?  As our website URL suggests, we are not your typical ballroom dance studio.  Our focus is not on just teaching you to dance for learnings sake.  We want to teach you to dance so that you might enjoy dancing!  Our ballroom dance studio is not just a dance studio, but is also a dance venue or a place to go and do the very dance styles you are learning.  Not only are we not your typical ballroom dance studio, but we also don’t have your typical stuffy ballroom dance environment.  Our dance community likes to have fun on and off the dance floor.  This is why our dancers can be found eating out together and even traveling overseas together!

Many ballroom dance studios will make you sign your life away if you want dance lessons.  They will sign you to big fat contracts that will suck you dry.  Our dance studio requires only a 5 week commitment at a time.  Plus you can sign up for only the dance styles that interest you.  If you are considering ballroom dance lessons it is most likely that you are looking for a fun night out and that you have an interest in dance.  We want to build that interest, not smoother it.

Dance classes are held every week at our two dance studio locations in Pottstown & Lansdale PA.  Our instructors are of the finest quality.  Their ability to teach is matched with great knowledge of ballroom dance and the ability to make you feel right at home.  Just because other ballroom dance studios charge more for dance instruction does not mean they are better.  It just means they have more overhead than we do or desire better pay checks.  Our head instructor Lynn Kettenburg has studied all over the world and holds many dance competition titles.  Our ability to hold down our cost is greatly due to the fact that our dance instructors teach for the love of dancing. This makes our ballroom dance studio affordable and fun!  Come be part of a dance studio that is far more than just a place to learn to dance.  Sign up for classes today or join us at one of our dance parties!

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